Management of the VISION project

The project management structure focuses on the coordination of resources and mechanisms to ensure efficient progress of all technical, administrative and financial matters and to achieve milestones and expected outcomes.
The overall goal of the project management within the project is therefore to provide a focused, narrow but effective framework to support the whole consortium in achieving the objectives of the project. The VISION project is managed by a two-stage management structure: strategic and operational.

The Steering Committee (SC)

is the highest decision body in the VISION consortium. The project management structure is focused on the SC, which is in charge of all high-level decisions regarding the project’s direction and responsible for evaluating the performance of the working packages. The SC is comprised of one senior representative from each participating partner and is chaired by the Project Coordinator.

The Executive Board (EB)

EB proposes the directions for VISION’s activities and supports VISION by fulfilling the obligations to the EC, managing and supervising project’s progress.

Prof. Dr. H. H. Hoos

Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. M. Schoenauer

Director of Science

Prof. Dr. B. O’Sullivan

Director of Education

Dr. V. Dočkal

Director of Dissemination

Prof. Dr. P. Slusallek

Ethics Advisor

The Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. H.H. Hoos, supported by the EB, coordinates VISION on behalf of the SC. He is responsible for all reporting to the European Commission and liaise with the Project Officer (EC) in project related matters.

International Advisory Board (IAB)

VISION’s external International Advisory Board comprises independent experts: leaders of large AI communities and projects, foreign excellent researchers with a high reputation in AI implementation, training and research strategies, as well as representatives of important EU research organisations.

Noriko Arai (JP)
Frederick Bordry (CH)
Alan Mackworth (CA)
Francesca Rossi (US)
Robert-Jan Smits (NL)
Manuela Veloso (US)
Wolfgang Wahlster (DE)
Toby Walsh (AU)

International Stakeholder Board

VISION’s external International Stakeholder Board will comprise of 10 members representing the NoE, AI4EU and DIH stakeholders, and further expanded as needed. This board will assess stakeholder engagement activities, results and impact, proposing additional or new directions to prospect in terms of stakeholder and innovation management, detailed in a yearly reports a part of progress report.