Integrated Roadmapping

Joint working groups for tackling challenges that span multiple NoEs, including a group on road-mapping and strategy development continuously updating each other on the strategic steps planned by the NoEs and working towards a common high-level alignment of objectives.

Mobilisation of the European AI community.

Joint working groups for tackling challenges spanning multiple NoEs, which allow for inclusion of experts from outside the networks, are an effective means of increasing engagement, participation and focus on important research questions. The AI-on-demand platform will provide a widely accepted and convenient common basis for effective communication within NoEs, between NoEs and with the European AI community at large. Roadmapping activities within the NoEs need to be coordinated and integrated in order to develop a coherent, well-aligned strategy and vision of the future European AI, and a dedicated working group is an effective means for achieving this goal. Coordinated support for NoEs for using the AI-on-demand platform, in close collaboration with AI4EU, will ensure broad and effective use of the platform. The AI4EU Deployment Prize and Hackathons will further increase visibility, community engagement and impact. Assessment of the AI-on-demand platform via evaluation surveys will help AI4EU and platform users to optimising the platform and its uptake by the community.

Integrated roadmapping (M6-M36)

The overall aim of the task is to develop a common vision among the AI NoEs and implement a strategy for the future development of the meta AI network in Europe. This higher level strategic view will also set the ambitions and common priorities among the selected NoEs and will facilitate the effective future collaborations among the centers of excellence in Europe. The following activities are envisioned

As a first step, VISION will set up a WG on road-mapping and strategy development. This will be done in coordination with the working group establishment in task 2.1. Dedicated representatives from each of the NoEs will be dedicated to this working group. The aim of this WG is to continuously update each other on the strategic steps planned by the NoEs and to work towards a common high-level alignment of objectives. Different communication mechanism will be considered, including regular teleconferences as well as the communication tools and platforms identified in task 2.2.

Further, VISION will aim to support the NoEs by

– Exploring cooperation with existing external AI networks: In order to establish a common vision for the future of AI R&I in Europe, external networks will be consulted and future cooperation explored. The consortium members are well positioned in different networks, such as BDVA and CLAIRE to initiate the contact.
– Supporting the NoEs in their road-mapping activities. Based on the discussions in the WG, possible support mechanisms such as review, communication, or templates will be considered.
– Gathering and analyzing input from the NoEs to present a high-level view on the future strategy of the EU AI network. Different modalities will be used: meetings, WG input, external consultation, surveys, polls, etc.
– Developing strategic viewpoints and a common vision document. Based on the inputs collected, a first draft of the common vision of the four NoEs and the VISION project. The document will be aimed at higher level policy makers and non-AI experts. Therefore, it will outline the high-level strategic ambitions of the AI community (including the NoEs and view of external stakeholders). This first version will be shared with the NoEs to gather feedback, validate and fine-tune the text. A final integrated strategic document will be prepared by the end of the project.