VISION – Value and Impact through Synergy, Interaction & coOperation of Networks of AI Excellence Centres

Coordination and support action VISION4AI awarded under the H2020-ICT-48-2020 call and financed by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement No. 952070.

It was proposed by a consortium of nine organisations coordinated by the Leiden University (ULEI) and will be lasting 36 months (from September 2020).

The VISION project aims

to reinforce, interconnect and mobilise Europe’s AI community and accelerate its transition to a world-leading position in the research, development and deployment of AI technologies.

Our Vision

Making sure Europe stays at the forefront of AI developments

Broad & Ambitious Vision

That’s what is needed for artificial intelligence research and innovation in Europe to thrive and remain internationally competitive. Europe is well-positioned to take a human-centred, ethical and trustworthy approach to AI.

Coordinated AI Efforts for International Competitiveness

Following on from the European Commission’s Communication on AI for Europe and the Coordinated Action Plan between the European Commission and the Member States. Europe must scale up existing research capacities and reach critical mass through tighter networks of European AI excellence centres. Therefore, the four networks of AI excellence centres under ICT-48-2020 have been established.

Reinforce & Build on Europe’s Assets in AI

Including its world-class community of researchers, the VISION project will enable Europe to stay at the forefront of AI developments to maintain Europe’s strategic autonomy in AI. VISION will achieve this by building on the success and organisation of CLAIRE (the Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe, claire-ai.org) and AI4EU, by leveraging the expertise and connections of several of Europe’s leading institutions in AI research and innovation.