Welcome to the Mattermost installation for the European AI Community!

This communication platform is a result of the joint effort within the VISION project. The Mattermost installation has been established to provide an effective, moderated and functional communication tool for the facilitation of the cooperation, interactions and knowledge sharing between Europe’s AI networks of excellence (ICT48-NoEs), the AI research community, and other stakeholders across diverse areas of AI. 


The Mattermost installation is hosted by Inria and jointly administered with CIIRC CTU with the intention to become the central communication hub for AI research and innovation in Europe.

Among the reasons that led us to decide on a centralised communication platform, are the flexibility and scalability of the Mattermost installation. The technical maturity and broad acceptance of this open-source solution across Europe and beyond will support the desired accessibility and user growth.

How to join

To be able to join the teams created in Mattermost for the ICT-48 Community, you need to receive an invitation link. Feel free to ask your coordinator to get the invitation.

If you are already a user of Mattermost installation for the ICT-48 Community, log in here:


Technical Arrangements

The Mattermost installation is hosted and supported by the Inria technical services on the Inria headquarter premises in Rocquencourt France. Inria plays a leading role within its multiple involvement in European AI community and provides strong institutional support to main European AI initiatives. Inria’s strict privacy policy and data security compliant with European regulatory framework are a solid base for confidentiality of wide user groups.

Inria’s Information Systems Directorate is the infrastructure administrator. The governance of the Mattermost instance is also composed of four system administrators, two from Inria and two from CIIRC CTU. The systems admins cannot access private channels or private messages. 

The Mattermost instalation in Inria is operated under following terms:

Inria Privacy Policy and GDPR

Inria Terms of Service

Useful links and documents

Complete Mattermost documentation: