Common Visual Identity for European Networks of AI Excellence Centres

AI NoE Brandbook

The Common Visual Identity has been developed for the European projects of the AI Networks of Excellence Centres (NoEs) in the areas of AI, Data and Robotics (ADR) funded under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

These networks form a key element of the AI strategy pursued by EC comprising much of the leading AI competence across Europe. More projects are expected to join the community based on the next EU calls.

As of 2023, the EU AI NoEs community includes the following nine projects:

The community is strongly supported by VISION and associated with the AI, Data and Robotics Association (ADRA).

The purpose of the Common Visual Identity for European NoEs is to contribute to the visibility of the excellence of the European Union in AI research and innovation, and its commitment to achieving global leadership in the development and deployment of human-centric, sustainable, secure, inclusive and trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The design of the logo and guidelines for use have been developed by VISION Communication team led by CIIRC CTU in close consultation with the NoEs and the European Commission, as agreed by the European Commission at the Coordination Meeting of NoEs in March 2023 and confirmed by a community survey conducted in May 2023. It is based in part on the logo developed by teams of UCC and Loba in the context of their work on the AI-on-Demand platform.

The Common Visual Identity shall:

  • clearly indicate joint commitment to “European excellence in trustworthy AI”;
  • preserve distinct identities of particular entities;
  • be easy to recognise and apply;
  • be adopted beyond NoEs;
  • provide a symbol that can act as the unifying modifier.


The Networks of Excellence are encouraged to use this logo in connection or next to their particular project logo to emphasize activities conducted by their Network of Excellence specifically and funded by the European Commission.

The AI NoE logo will be most commonly implemented to the left of the particular project logo. The combined logos will be placed on the
respective NoEs’ websites, in presentations and further materials to
emphasize their activities and results when addressing a broader audience within and beyond the NoEs.

The visual identity can be implemented more visibly with full respect to the graphic design of the particular entities and tools (networks, events, products…) as a simple banner or bar (fullcoloured or in negative format) including the logos of the organising NoE(s), which can be placed elsewhere on graphic visuals.

Example of implementation

AI NoE Logo as Superscript

The specific AI NoE modifier can be used also as superscript in some specific occasions, especially at community events attended by a majority of / a large number of members of the EU funded networks and projects and/or a well-experienced audience involved in the community.
In such cases, the “AI NoE” logo can be integrated as a symbol into other project logos, thus indicating their affiliation with the NoE’s ecosystem.

Download the files for your further use:

AI NoE label/banner:

This label together with one or more logos of particular network(s) serves as an additional graphic element that can be used in individual visuals of events and materials.