List of the VISION Project Public Deliverables

Please find below the list of deliverables with dissemination level “Public” and the estimated date of delivery. For more information incl. download please click on the linked title of the deliverable. Project deliverables that are confidential or meant only for members of the consortium incl. the EC have not been listed here. The documents marked as “Draft” have been approved by the VISION project consortium, submitted to the EC, but are still in the process of approval by the European Commission. These deliverables shall be deemed as working material. The final version of these documents will be published here once fully confirmed by the EC.

Nr.Deliverable TitleLead
D1.1Initial Meeting minutesULEI
D1.2Quality and Risk Management PlanULEI
D1.4Final Meeting minutesULEI
D1.5Quality and Risk Management Plan, updatedIntellera
D1.6Update 2. Quality and Risk Management PlanIntellera
D1.7Update 3. Quality and Risk Management PlanIntellera
D2.1Platform designed and launched, Platform impact evaluation and sustainability designedCIIRC
D2.2Minutes from annual meetings with coordinators and steering bodies of NoEsULEI
D2.3AI-on-demand (AIoD) Platform Ecosystem Services PlanUCC
D2.4Strategic paper on integrated EU AI networks, titled “Towards classification of European AI research and innovation topics”TNO
D2.5Report on sustainability and strategic directions of the NoEs and VISION activitiesULEI
D2.6Report on the Ethical, Legal, and Societal, Impacts of Trustworthy AIUCC
D2.7Evaluation of the AIOD Ecosystem Services PlanUCC
D3.1Vademecum FSTPFBK
D3.2Lesson learned FSTPFBK
D3.3Observations from the interaction and mentoring activities and lessons learnedTNO
D4.1Template for Theme Development WorkshopsDFKI
D4.2Report on collaboration among DIHs and NoEsIntellera
D4.3Industrial outreach, Industrial Innovation Management and Industrial Visibility PlanInria
D4.4European AI Trend RadarDFKI
D5.1Mobility Programme Impact Assessment ReportInria
D5.2Interim Design of a European AI Curriculum & Training InitiativesUCC
D5.3European AI Curriculum & Training Initiatives Impact AssessmentUCC
D6.1Communication & Dissemination Plan incl. EU AI brand toolboxCIIRC
D6.2International Outreach ReportFBK
D6.3Enhancing the European Strategic Research & Innovation AI Dialogue ReportInria
D6.4Communication & Dissemination Plan
Update 2023
D6.6Updated International Outreach ReportFBK