Overarching VISION

Strong coordination & synergy

between the four networks of excellence: AI4Media, Elise, Humane-AI-Net, TAILOR

Consortium as a whole

Bring together the diverse European AI community.

Mobilise the EU AI community

Stimulating and facilitating effective cooperation and communication.

VISION Mechanism & Instruments

Theme Development Workshops

At least two Theme Development Workshops cutting across multiple NoEs, bringing together researchers, industry representatives and other stakeholders to identify industrial trends and needs, and match these to AI capabilities in Europe.

European AI Trend Radar

The main results of the Theme Development Workshops as well as from similar events of the four NoEs will be summarised, and complemented by a market analysis and trend foresights to provide a comprehensive overview of AI capabilities and challenges in Europe.

New European Award for Top Young AI Talent

Creation of a Young AI Talents Award to recognise and celebrate the next generation of AI researchers in Europe (WP5).

Integrated roadmapping

Joint working groups for tackling challenges that span multiple NoEs, including a group on road-mapping and strategy development continuously updating each other on the strategic steps planned by the NoEs and working towards a common high-level alignment of objectives.

Human-Centric AI Education Programme

Development of standardised AI curricula to support current European educational offerings and to support educators in strengthening the digital and humancentric skills of their students (WP5).

Community-Shared Best Practices in AI

Sharing of best practices, such as the FSTP Vademecum, standardised AI curricula module for AI non-professionals, a template for Theme Development Workshops to help NoEs to organise such events most effectively, mechanisms for industrial innovation and transfer of AI technologies.