Second ICT-48 Community Workshop 2022: Mentoring Event

19 October 2022 | 10:00 am – 7:00 pm | Neth-ER, Aarlenstraat 22, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Common topics at strategic and operational levels.
Opportunities for synergies and collaborations.
In support of wider networking and community.
Theme Development Workshops

AI in the world around us

The challenges for AI in Europe and contribute to the strategic research and innovation agenda.
Like-minded people and use the opportunity for networking and participation in follow-up activities.
No participation fees
Costs for the workshops are covered (you only have to pay for your travel expenses for on-site TDWs).

Together we are overcoming fragmentation!

Strong coordination & synergy
AI4EU, AI4Media, Elise, Humane-AI-Net & TAILOR.
Consortium as a whole
Bringing together the European AI community.
Mobilise the EU AI community
Stimulating cooperation and communication.
Vision for AI
The joint activities in the area of AI research in Europe.
The ecosystem of AI excellence, with an emphasis on the networks.
The general public that Europe is well positioned for future success.
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Our Vision

Making sure Europe stays at the forefront of AI developments

The common goal of our community as well as the European Commission:
Make Europe a research powerhouse in human-centred, trustworthy AI!

More about us

VISION4AI Mechanism & Instruments

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