The overall aim of the VISION project is to reinforce, interconnect and mobilise Europe’s AI community, and to orchestrate and accelerate Europe’s transition to a world-leading position in the research, development and deployment of AI technologies.

VISION’s Objectives

Mobilise the European AI community
Strengthen the synergies between Europe’s AI networks of excellence
Foster strong connections between academia and industry
Develop a European approach to AI skills education
Promote the EU as an attractive environment for AI research and researchers

Artificial intelligence (AI) methods and technologies are posed to bring transformative change to societies and industries world-wide. The game-changing nature of AI and its role as a major driver of innovation, future growth, and competitiveness are internationally recognised. As a result, AI is at the top of national and international policy agendas around the globe.

The trajectory of European AI is clear; it is a path defined by Europe’s core values and by consensus around the need to develop technological tools that are transparent, trustworthy and ethical, as stated in the High-Level Expert Group’s Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI.

The research and innovation efforts required in this context should encompass all of AI, and include all of Europe. Furthermore, by building on our existing strengths in AI and commitment to European values, Europe is ideally positioned to take a human-centred approach to AI, where explanations and deep understanding are essential to achieve trust between humans and machines, and to thus obtain the best solutions to the problems we face as individuals and societies.

VISION is comprised of a set of actions and mechanisms designed to facilitate and enhance the work of the new NoEs, while at the same time providing additional value to the European AI research community, industry and society more broadly.