News from ADRA: SRIDA Deep-dive Workshop

News from ADRA: SRIDA Deep-dive Workshop

A successful Adra SRIDA deep-dive Workshop took place in Brussels on July 5th, 2023, following the release of Adra’s document titled “Strategic Orientation towards an AI, Data, Robotics Roadmap 2025-2027” in June 2023. This workshop helped to analyse this document and transfer the efforts towards the update of the Adra Strategic Research, Innovation, and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA).

Participants engaged in discussions addressing contribution gaps, elaborating on missions and goals, with a particular focus on “Big Tickets” in AI, Data, and Robotics for the years 2025-2027:

  • Ground-breaking technological foundations in ADR
  • Effective and Trustworthy General-Purpose AI
  • Interoperable and integrated framework for data and model ecosystems
  • Next generation smart embodied robotic systems
  • Developing ADR technology for the sciences
  • Research, innovation and tools for compliance

An editing team of prominent members of the ADR community was tasked to lead a collaborative writing effort to work out the “Big Tickets” in more detail, including socio-economic impact, challenges as well as important use-cases and applications. The results of their work will be public presented and discussed at several occasions the coming months and eventually lead to the release of the SRIDA by end of the year.

The SRIDA workshop followed the Network of Excellence centres Workshop held on July 4th in Brussels, where discussions centered on the Joint Strategic Research Agenda with a particular focus on the main question: what is the long and mid-term vision in AI including robotics, spanning over 10 and 5 years? The second part of the workshop concentrated on Large AI models and Europe’s role in the upcoming wave of (generative) AI.

Together, productive dialogues from both workshops contributed to the process of forming and writing SRIDA, the document that defines the vision, overall goals, key technical and non-technical priorities, investment areas, and the research, innovation, anddeployment roadmap for AI, Data, and Robotics in Europe.

Many thanks to Katerina Linden (Linköping University, Sweden) for this text and Passant Elagroudy (University of Stuttgart & DFKI, Germany) for the use of the photo accompanying this event listing.

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