D4.1 Template for Theme Development Workshops

This document is a deliverable of Work Package 4 “Academia-Industry Joint AI Forces” within the EU ICT-48 Coordination and Support Action “VISION”. It provides best practices and supports the four Networks of AI Centres of Excellence (NoE) to run and organise so-called Theme Development Workshops in their areas. The objective of such a workshop is to bring together key players from specific industry sectors with key AI researchers and other stakeholders to jointly identify the key research topics and challenges, outline priorities, and develop and provide input to strategic roadmaps for AI in a certain area or for a specific industry sector. These roadmaps can then be further refined, e.g., over the course of the projects, thereby forming the basis for ongoing and future AI research, industry collaboration, and corresponding funding. Accordingly, the aim of this deliverable is to develop a template/blueprint with some guidelines for Theme Development Workshops, supporting the NoE in defining their own events and corresponding activities.

The template is a work in progress and will be adapted and enriched with lessons learned from the Theme Development Workshops organised throughout the EU ICT-48 projects and beyond.

Lead BeneficiaryDFKI
Due DateM6 – Q2/2021