CLAIRE X NoEs AQuA: Women in AI

CLAIRE X NoEs AQuA: Women in AI

6 March 2024 | 16:00 – 17:00 CET | ONLINE

The CLAIRE All Questions Answered (AQuA) Series continues with a collaborative online discussion involving the AI Networks of Excellence (NoEs) – this time featuring great Women in AI in the spotlight!

Women account for less than 25% of AI specialists. Let’s shine a light on some of the excellent female researchers in the AI field, their successes, but also some of the obstacles they face as workers in this male-dominated field.

We will explore some of the pivotal stages and points in the careers of women when deciding and working in the area of AI, thus both early-stage female researchers as well as established female leaders in the AI field will be ready to answer all of the questions.

Join us for one hour online and don’t be shy – all questions will be answered!

This event is organised under CLAIRE by CLAIRE | Prague, CLAIRE | Zurich, VISION and Networks of Excellence Centres (NoEs), in particular:

AQuA Panelists

There will be representatives of 5 of 9 Networks of Excellence Centres (NoEs) in the areas of AI, Data and Robotics on the panel:


Hannah Lea Dykast-Wildhaber
CLAIRE | Zurich

Elisa Ricci

Serena Ivaldi, euROBIN

Lucia Vadicamo


Lucia Vadicamo

Lucia Vadicamo is a researcher at the Information Science and Technologies Institute (ISTI) of the National Research Council (CNR) in Pisa, Italy. She earned her PhD in Information Engineering (2018) and a Master’s degree in Mathematics (2013) from the University of Pisa, both with honours. Her research activity focuses on multimedia content analysis and retrieval, artificial Intelligence, and similarity search. Notably, she was awarded as one of the best young researchers under 35 at CNR-ISTI in 2016 and 2022.

Janin Koch


Janin Koch
Humane-AI-Net | INRIA

Dr. Janin Koch is a permanent researcher at INRIA Paris-Saclay. Her research interests include collaborative artificial intelligence for exploratory tasks applied to different domains such as creativity and search. Her work aims to define, study and evaluate human-machine interaction to develop ideas and concepts together with intelligent machines. She is a member of the European HumanE AI network and is involved in a number of EU projects related to exploring sustainable machine learning approaches and creative use of AI. 

She is also paper chair of Creativity and Cognition conference (C&C)‘25 and ’26 and vice-head of the steering committee of the new conference on Hybrid-Human Artificial Intelligence (HHAI). 

Shruthi Gowda


Shruthi Gowda

Researcher with 9+ years of experience in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Embedded Software. My research interests include NeuroInspired-AI, Continual Learning and Robust AI.

What AQuAs are all about

Inspired by Turing Award winner Donald E. Knuth’s All Questions Answered lecture, CLAIRE All Questions Answered Events (AQuAs) are relaxed, 1 hour, online events that bring together a small group of panelists to discuss current hot topics in AI and beyond and answer questions from the community.

Usually held via Zoom Webinar for CLAIRE members and members of co-hosting organisations, the events are live streamed to the CLAIRE YouTube channel, allowing the community at large to get involved and be a part of the discussion.

Panels are generally made up of representatives of large European research organisations in the topic being focused on, as well as experts from both academia and industry.

Previous AQuAs have been focused on topics such as Humanoid Robotics and European Excellence in AI.

The previous AQuA with the involvement of European Networks of Excellence, in particular cooperation with TAILOR, AI4Media and VISION:

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