4th Community Workshop 2024

4th Community Workshop 2024

26 – 27 June 2024
Venue: Centre for Research and Technology Hellas – CERTH

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

After the First ICT-48 Community Workshop held online in June 2021, a very fruitful Second ICT-48 Community Workshop held in Brussels in October 2022, and the Third Community Workshop in June 2023 Siena, the members of the European Networks of Excellence Centres in AI and Robotics (AI NoEs) will meet again to the Fourth Community Workshop 2024 to foster collaborations within and beyond the NoEs’ community.

Target Audience

The workshop is designed specifically for the entire AI NoEs’ Community:

For the onsite attendance, to ensure a balanced group of in-person participants among the NoEs stakeholders, each NoE gets 8 tickets – it is up to the Project coordinator to decide and distribute the tickets.

For remote listeners at the plenary sessions (in the auditorium), the possibility of participation is unlimited.
In any case, please register via:

Also the representatives of the European Commision, ADRA, ADRA-e and AI4Europe are more then welcome and expected (up to 2-3 representatives for each).

We look forward to see up to 8 representatives per NoE with the following profiles:

  • Partners responsible for the strategic connections and direction of the NoEs (usually the coordinators)
  • Partners responsible for the AIDA (skills development activities)
  • Partners responsible for the SRAs and mapping of ecosystem
  • Partners responsible for the communication activities and connection to the ecosystem (and industry)
  • WP leaders with technical expertise


Please join us in the Conference Centre of Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH).

CERTH (“EKETA” in Greek)
6th km Charilaou – Thermi Road
570 01 Thermi
Thessaloniki, GREECE

CERTH is located at the 6th km of the Charilaou-Thermi Road in Thermi, Thessaloniki. It is about 10km from the centre of Thessaloniki and about 8 km from “Makedonia” International airport.

You can reach CERTH by bus, car or taxi. It is recommended that you use a taxi for transportation between your hotel or airport and the meeting venue.

The meeting will take place at the Amphitheatre of the central administration building of CERTH. The parallel sessions will take place in the Library, Zefyros and Aiolos rooms, all located next to the Amphitheatre in the same building.

As you enter the campus, the central administration building is on your right hand, at the end of the road (1 min walk from the gate). You can always ask the guard at the gate of the campus for instructions. Signs will also be put out.


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