The three new European AI Networks of Excellence Centres are in the run of launching their activities

The three new European AI Networks of Excellence Centres are in the run of launching their activities

As part of the European Union’s initiative “European Network of AI Excellence Centres: Expanding the European AI lighthouse“, three new networks are going to start their implementation during autumn 2023 to create a lighthouse within international AI initiatives. These networks contribute, complement and extend the initiatives started in H2020 to develop a vibrant European network of excellence centres in AI, and a vibrant AI scientific community, and continued in the first call of Horizon Europe.

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ELIAS as the European Lighthouse of AI for Sustainability aims at establishing Europe as a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research that drives sustainable innovation and economic development. It will focuse on sustainable planet, society and trustworthy AI for individuals as well as for tools supporting AI research for SME, start-ups and industry.
ELIAS builds on and expands the highly successful and internationally recognised European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS).

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dAIEDGEA network of excellence for distributed, trustworthy, efficient and scalable AI at the Edge | dAIEDGE – will advance scientific progress towards new technological pilots. It promotes the application of Artificial Intelligence on edge computing platforms. To accelerate digital transformation through advanced AI technologies, applications and innovations, dAIEDGE builds on the existing assets and strengths of European industry. The main objective is to support and ensure rapid development and market adoption of distributed edge AI technologies, such as hardware, software, frameworks and tools. The applications of dAIEDGE are expected to be used in a wide range of fields, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent transportation systems, robotics, and healthcare. Among others, a marketplace for commercialisation of solutions will be launched.

Find more also at DFKI’s Press Release 06/29/2023

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ENFIELDEuropean Lighthouse to Manifest Trustworthy and Green AI – relies on four scientific pillars – Adaptive, Green, Human-Centric, and Trustworthy AI – applied in different verticals such as energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and space. It will will develop, maintain, scale-up and sustain a vibrant European network on AI composed of 30 consortium members from 18 countries, including top-level education and research organisations, large scale businesses, SMEs, and public sector representatives.

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