3rd Community Workshop – Summary Report

3rd Community Workshop – Summary Report

On 7 June 2023, the representatives of the Network of AI Centres of Excellence met in Siena at the 3rd Community Workshop to discuss the achievements and joint endeavors of the NoE community to maximize impact beyond 2024. For those, who did not manage to be in person, the orginising committee led by the TNO team published the Summary Report.

Location: University of Siena – Rettorato, Siena, Italy
Website: Community Workshop 2023
Date: June 7, 2023
Time: 9:30 – 17:30


The third Vision community workshop took place on 7 June 2023 in Siena, Italy. The event gathered 40 participants from the Networks of Excellence in AI – AI4MEDIA, TAILOR, ELISE, HumanE-AI-Net as well as ELSA and euROBIN and was organized by the VISION CSA.

The event was a successful opportunity for networking, learning about the common activities of the NoEs and discussing possible ways forward. Over the course of the day, representatives of the NoEs discussed strategic topics common to all Networks of Excellence, ways to
collaborate and create impact as well as looking ahead towards the future of EU research on AI, the needs and lessons learned for the future funding period programme.

The day was opened (remotely) by Lucilla Sioli, Director DG CNECT.A (AI & Digital Industry) who highlighted the role of AI research and research networks within the EU ecosystem of excellence and the progress already achieved by the Networks.

Mrs Sioli also called for further connections among different players in the ecosystem to enable the community to leverage on the unique capabilities of the EU researchers towards making the EU a powerhouse and lead the way towards explainable and trustworthy AI.

The workshop proceeded with 7 sessions of joined interested for the NoEs, including:

  • The International AI Doctoral Academy: the session, highlighted the achievements of AIDA so far and discussed ways to expand the impact and educational content of the Academy as well as alternatives towards sustainability. The session was led by Ioannis Pitas, Filareti Tsalakanidou, Nicu Sebe from AI4MEDIA;
  • Sustainability of NoE and its activities: the objective of the session was to start the discussion on ways to maximize the impact of and sustain the NoEs results. The session explored to what extent the AI white paper on EU approach to excellence and trust is still a blueprint and what further is needed to create impact. The discussion highlighted the need for connection among research and innovation areas and ecosystems but also the need for ambition and vision within Europe to connect the different initiatives and efforts together towards a common goal.
  • Ecosystem Mapping: a cross-NoE activity that aims to map the particular AI topics on which researchers are working on in Europe. The discussion led to a decision on how to proceed with next steps towards implementing an approach.
  • Joint strategic research agenda (SRA): the session showcased the approach of the cross-NoE activity to provide a JSRA, discussion on the results and next steps.
  • In the session on “Connecting research to industry”, the networks shared their highlights from approaches used and discussed how they can collaborate further together;
  • Common visual identity and “AI made in Europe” offered the opportunity to present the progress towards a common visual identity and take decisions for further actions among all the NoES.

Lessons beyond Horizon Europe, discussed how HEU projects could connect to the knowledge and research of the NoEs, and drawing lessons for how AI R&I should be addressed in the next work programmes.

HERE a more elaborate summary of the sessions is provided. Sessions were accompanied by slide decks and open discussions as well as mentimeter polls.