Research Agenda Vision4AI Published

Research Agenda Vision4AI Launched

The EU’s six AI Networks of Excellence (NoEs) – AI4Media, ELISE, ELSA, euROBIN, HUMANE-AI-Net, and TAILOR – have worked together and prepared a joint Strategic Research Agenda Vision4AI (SRA) that provides an overview of the areas of research interest in the domains of AI, Data and Robotics (ADR) pursued across the networks.

The joint SRA complements the different Strategic Research Agendas that have already been published by AI4Media, ELISE, HumanE-AI-Net, and TAILOR.

Across their portfolios, NoE activities have engaged over 1,000 researchers and 100 industry organisations. Their
work has seeded an ecosystem of AI and robotics research and development activities that connect the EU’s ADR policy ambitions to real-world, on-the-ground benefits for citizens and businesses in local communities across Europe.

Strategic Research Agenda Vision4AI banner with logos and project visuals
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