First ICT-48 Community Workshop

Wednesday 30 June 2021 | 09:00 – 13:00 CEST

Purpose of the event

This community event is organized as a meeting of

to discuss common topics at both strategic and operational levels.

The goal is to identify opportunities for synergies and foster collaborations within the NoEs and the whole ICT-48 ecosystem. There will be room to exchange ideas and experiences, as well as to share information related to cross-network activities. These aspects are of high importance to the European Commission and to the success of AI in Europe.

European AI Community Networking

In support of wider networking and community building, related networks and initiatives are also invited to participate in discussions and parallel breakout sessions, and afterwards, to visit the posters session and the booths’ presentations in GatherTown. 

Following participations are foreseen
  • Poster presenters: Reserved only for the ICT-48 partners and only on work done in the context of ICT-48
  • Booth presenters & staff (2 people per booth)
    Reserved only for
    • ICT-48,
    • AI4EU, 
    • ICT-49, 
    • ICT-38, 
    • ADRA, BDVA, CLAIRE, ELLIS, EurAI, euRobotics
  • Other participants: Reserved for people affiliated with ICT-48, AI4EU, ICT-49, ICT-38 – both partner institutions and affiliated companies. Attendance of students is also possible.


Everyone who expects to work on or is interested in contributing to cross-network ICT-48 activities is welcome (at least 3-7 participants from each NoE).

If you are interested in the participating in any above defined form, please register through this webpage. The REGISTRATION FORM will be available from Tuesday 15 June until 25 June 2021.

The event will be held in ZOOM (Plenary + Parallel sessions) and Gather.Town (Networking, booths, poster session).

Both links to these platforms will be sent to the registered participants on 29 June 2021 in the afternoon.

Programme – Draft

9:00-9:15Welcome & introduction to the event
9:15-9:45Plenary session 1: Strategic topics / Building the European AI ecosystem
9:45-10:15Plenary session 2: Operational topics
10:15-10:30Coffee breaks: Networking opportunities in small random groups (breakout rooms)
10:30-11:30Parallel sessions:
1/ Cross- and beyond-network communication and outreach & awareness
2/ Roadmapping: themes, structure, content, timeline
3/ Industry involvement: TDW / Hackathon / Challenge
4/ Cross-network scientific challenges
5/ Collaboration between AI Centers of Excellence & DIHs
6/ Educational activities (AIDA…)
7/ FSTP / Open calls: best practices, scope/focus
8/ Compatibility of timelines and processes (deliverables & due dates)
11:30-11:45Coffee breaks: Networking opportunities in small random groups (breakout rooms)
11:45-12:00Plenary Session 3: Brief reports from parallel sessions and announcements
12:00-13:00GatherTown – informal networking & mingling:
– Virtual poster session (ICT-48 related)
– Virtual ICT-48 Community fair with booths
– Individual networking and presentations

GatherTown allows you to freely walk around in a virtual environment and facilitates informal discussions, chance encounters etc.

Communication through Mattermost

Meanwhile, we would like to invite you to the Mattermost communication platform where the information on the event is shared online. 

lf you are already a user of Mattermost (and a member of the “VISION4AI” team), please join  the “ICT-48 Community Workshop Channel”. In case you want to start using Mattermost, while being a member of the ICT-48 Community at the same time, please contact your Project Coordinator or send us a message to More information on the Mattermost installation for the ICT-48 Community can be found at

Organising Team

Joachim de Greeff (TNO) – Chair

Wendy Aartsen (Leiden University / Hands4Grants)

Eva Doležalová (CIIRC CTU) 

Holger Hoos (Leiden University)

Alexa Kodde (CLAIRE)