Registration Form – ICT-48 Community Workshop #1

With this registration, you can attend the complete programme of the ICT-48 Community Workshop on 30 June 2021 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Please take into consideration following parameters before registering:

  • The event is reserved mainly for the representatives and partner institutions involved in the following networks and projects: ICT-48, AI4EU, ICT-49, ICT-38, ADRA, BDVA, CLAIRE, ELLIS, EurAI, euRobotics, & European Commission.
  • The programme can be attended also by industrial partners or students that have an affiliation to any of the above-mentioned entities or their partnering institutions.
  • Poster presenters: Reserved only for the ICT-48 partners and only on work done in the context of ICT-48.
  • Booth presenters: Reserved for all above-mentioned entities but not for individual partner institutions & 2 people per booth at max. There is room for up to 20 booths in the GatherTown (ICT-48 presentations shall be prioritized, then first come-first served).

In case of any question or comments, please contact us at

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    1. Participant registration


    Specify the type of your affiliation that entitles you to participate at the event – select only one*

    Concrete affiliation to the community – select one or more*


    Please specify the ICT projects/ entities with acronyms (namely ICT-48)


    Following sessions will be hosted in GatherTown during the networking part of the ICT-48 Community Workshop, after the plenary and parallel sessions, from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST


    2. Booth in GatherTown


    Are you interested in this kind of presentation?

    Please send logo/short presentation/video teaser to be embedded into a GatherTown booth latest 29.06.21, 12:00 midday CEST to Alexa Kodde via email/wetransfer. The required format for images, such as logos, is PNG or JPEG. All other formats require a link to be embedded into specific objects in the GatherTown space. For videos, please provide a link to online video locations (Vimeo, YouTube, etc). For presentations, please provide a Google Drive link or send the original PPTX or PDF and we will create the link. All these documents please direct via email to Alexa. Thank you.

    3. Poster Session in GatherTown

    In a virtual poster session, you are welcome to present your research, papers, publications, and works with the whole community. These should cover research done within the last 12 months, conducted in the context of the ICT-48 networks, including preliminary results. These should be posters similar to the ones one would present at a scientific workshop; repurposed posters from other workshops or conferences are very welcome.

    Are you interested in this kind of presentation?

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