Newsletter | February 2024

VISION4AI Newsletter
| February 2024

We are happy to support the activities of our European AI Community, namely the European Networks of Excellence Centres in AI & Robotics (NoEs).
This newsletter brings you condensed information from NoEs (and beyond) towards the broader European AI Community.


AGIMUS Winter School was a great opportunity to share euROBIN’s work and engage with the robotics community. Read more on the contributions to the event.

26 – 27 June 2024, Thessaloniki

Save the date for a two day event dedicated to the entire ecosystem of the European Networks of Excellence Centres in AI and Robotics (AI NoEs).


The event is by invitation only.

1 February 2024, Brussels

CLAIRE brings together key European policymakers, directors, scientists,  and politicians to present and discuss the idea of a CERN for AI.

7 February 2024, online

AI4Media invites you to the next AI Café: Image Generation using Midjourney, Dalle-3, and Adobe Firefly

8 February 2024, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Adra-e invites you to discuss the transformative potential of public-private partnerships in driving AI innovation.

19-23 February 2024, Grenoble, France

The SoRAIM multi-disciplinary winter school combines topics in social robotics, artificial intelligence, and multimedia.

Deadline for application: 15 February 2024

12 – 15 March 2024, Amsterdam

The ELLIS Unit Amsterdam is the host of the ELLIS Winter School on Foundation Models.

13 – 15 March 2024, Rimini

Do not miss to visit the euROBIN booth at the European Robotics Forum 2024 . euROBIN will display cutting-edge robots and organise two workshops on “Transferability in Robotics” and “EuroCore repository – a vehicle for transferability in Robotics“.

18 March 2024, London

A panel of top experts and researchers will discuss the transformative impact of generated AI content on the creative arts and their legal implications.

11 April 2024, TU Delft Campus

TAILOR network invites you to a one-day informal workshop on Decision-Focussed Learning.

3-5 June 2024, Lisbon 

Save the date for a two day event focused on the topic: Trustworthy AI – from lab to market.

26 – 27 June 2024, Thessaloniki

Save the date for a two day event dedicated to the entire AI NoEs ecosystem.


ENFIELD invites PhD candidates, post-docs and senior researchers to propose projects that address specific ENFIELD challenges. The call is open until 31 March 2024.

Human AI Net and dAIEDGE invite talents to imagine the future of scientific processes in the age of foundational models. Registration deadline: 19 February 2024

euROBIN launches its 2nd Open Call for the Technology Exchange Programme to select up to 12 companies of any size, research organisations and academia research institutions.

Now open to researchers outside the ELISE/ELLIS network! The exchange of knowledge and ideas among the experienced researchers through visits and collaborative projects.

Now open to all European AI researchers! Researchers from a non-TAILOR lab are welcome to visiting a TAILOR lab and vice versa.


Browse through the available collection of the Joint Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) of the NoEs. Make use also of SRA developed by particular NoEs as well as SRIDA by ADRA – on one spot.

Explore the January list of the most valuable papers that gathers contributions from different TAILOR partners, each providing valuable insights on different topics related to TrustworthyAI.

Access to the main insights and conclusions from AI4Media research and activities. Explore the factsheets and booklets.

To understand what makes a successful industry-academic collaboration, ELISE interviewed several ongoing partnerships in the ELISE network to see how their work has been shaped and enriched by the collaboration.

House of Lords Communications and Digital Select Committee inquiry:
Large language models
. How will large language models develop over the next three years? What are the greatest opportunities and risks?

dAIEDGE will implement three different use cases as pilots on Drone assisted warehouse security monitoring & inspection, AI on the edge for satellite image pre-processing, and High-performance low-power edge and fog technologies for smart cities.

Add your events, open calls, news, AI assets, research, use cases and more to the AI-on-demand platform through the collaboration page and share your work with others.

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