Newsletter | May 2023

VISION4AI Newsletter
| May 2023

ICT-48 News for the European AI Community

We are happy to support the activities of our European AI Community, especially the four ICT48 Networks of AI Excellence Centres.
This newsletter brings you condensed information from ICT-48 (and beyond) towards the broader European AI Community.

Strategic Research Agenda by AI4Media

Strategic Research Agenda for AI4Media’s R&I activities, presenting the main research themes, explaining the current challenges, the research directions that need to be pursued to address them, the media industry applications, and the potential impact of this research.

Strategic Research Agenda by ELISE

ELISE freshly launched 2023 ELISE Strategic Research Agenda that shows how sustained investment can ensure the long-term success of this innovation ecosystem. The ELISE network is building a powerhouse of European AI.

ESSAI2023 and 3rd TAILOR Summer School

24-28 July 2023
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Free attendance for TAILOR students, PhDs and Post-docs! First European Summer School on Artificial Intelligence (ESSAI) and Twentieth Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence (ACAI). Organized jointly as Third TAILOR Summer School on Artificial Intelligence, under the auspices of EurAI.

HHAI 2023 Conference

26-30 June 2023
Munich, Germany

The 2nd International Conference Series on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence iis organised by the Dutch Hybrid Intelligence Center and the European HumaneAI Network.
Call for Posters, Demos, Workshops, and Doctoral Colloquium papers.

ELSA Industry Call

ELSA Open Call for Innovative Industry Projects
The best six SMEs/ Startups developing novel AI-based applications and services will be supported with up to 60,000 Euros.
Deadline for Applications: 31 May 2023, 13:00

AI Open Day 2023: Trustworthy AI – Humans vs. Algorithms

1 June 2023 | hybrid

From 16:00 to 17:00 CET, the roundtable discussion with representatives of all NoEs will be live-streamed here.

Highlights from euROBIN Week 2023 in Seville

From May 15 to 19, more than 150 participants from the 31 euROBIN partners institutions belonging to 14 different countries came together in Seville (Spain) to join this unique event in Europe.

AI-Café: Exit the Needle, Enter the Haystack: Supervised Machine Learning for Aggregate Data delivered by Fabrizio Sebastiani from CNR.

31 May 2023 | Online

Connect and Talk to the European AI Community on Mattermost

Mattermost communication platform is a result of the joint effort within the VISION project. The Mattermost installation has been established to provide an effective, moderated and functional communication tool for the facilitation of the cooperation, interactions and knowledge sharing between Europe’s AI networks of excellence (ICT48-NoEs), the AI research community, and other stakeholders across diverse areas of AI.

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