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VISION4AI Newsletter
| Sept/Oct 2022

ICT-48 News for the European AI Community

We are happy to support the activities of our European AI Community, especially the four ICT48 Networks of AI Excellence Centres.
This newsletter regularly brings you condensed information from ICT-48 towards the broader European AI Community.

19 October 2022

2nd ICT-48 Community Workshop: Towards a Shared European AI Map and Strategic Research Agenda

Project Coordinators and WP-leads of all ICT-48 Community as well as representatives of broader AI R&I community such as ELSA, euROBIN, AI4Europe, and Adra-e are welcome to take part at the second ICT-48 Communnity workshop.
There will be focused discussions in smaller groups on themes that are shared across the projects in ICT-48.
In the afternoon, broader discussions with the AI community on two strategic topics will be held: Mapping the European AI Ecosystem and the European AI SRA. Also, meeting with DG CNECT.A director Lucilla Sioli is on the agenda.

AI4Media Open Call #2

The AI4Media Open Call #2 invites entrepreneurs, companies, research organisations and researchers that develop and integrate applied research in the field of AI, to develop new research and applications addressing AI for the media sectors, and contribute to the enrichment of the existing pool of research and technological tools.

Apply to the AI4Media – Open Call #2 for up to €50.000 in funding.

The AI4Media project has €500.000 to fund 10 projects to deliver innovative AI research and application solutions for the media.

The Open Call runs until 30 Nov 2022 | 17:00 CET.

AI4Media Mobility Programme: Research exchanges of Young fellows

AI4Media is facilitating a large-scale exchange program named “Junior Fellows Exchange Program”, which goal is to enhance mobility among young talented women and men researchers, from anywhere in the world working on AI for media & society.

12-13 September 2022

Czech-French-AI Workshop on Artificial Intelligence

The event created a platform for connecting the key stakeholders active in the development and application of digital technologies and AI – leading experts from various AI fields, entrepreneurs and decision-makers.
Visit the website and browse through a rich playlist of recordings of all lectures and interesting talks!

The new book “Artificial Intelligence Science and Society”

AI Science and Engineering is un upcoming scientific discipline that can fuse AI, brain and mind studies and social engineering in a new scientific discipline. It has huge impact on both our society and environment. Read four volumes (parts) debating all technical and social grand challenges of AI Science and Engineering in an understandable and scientifically accurate manner:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Science and Society Part A: Introduction to AI Science and Information Technology
  2. Artificial Intelligence Science and Society Part B: AI Science, Mind and Humans
  3. Artificial Intelligence Science and Society Part C: AI Science and Society
  4. Artificial Intelligence Science and Society Part D: AI Science and the Environment

16 November 2022

HumanE AI conference

Conference on AI for Humanity and Society highlighting the research directions, methods and results of the network’s activities.
Venue: Stockholm, Sweden

23 September 2022

AI Mellontology (futurology) Symposium

Horizon2020 AI flagship R&D projects: AI4Media and ELISE, together with the International AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA) joined forces in sponsoring the AI Methodology Symposium 2022, where participants would be able to debate hot AI issues of any form on any scientific, societal, industrial/economic AI aspect.

28 – 30 September 2022

WomenHackAI Hackathon

Humane-AI-net organized a hackathon for female students/ Bachelor, Master, Phd. and Postdocs together with the Female Data Science Network of Siemens.

13-14 September 2022

2nd TAILOR Conference

The second TAILOR conference was the first real opportunity for the TAILOR Network to meet IRL. The conference was about Trustworthy AI and plans for the future.
Conference was hosted by Charles University of Prague.

29 June 2022

AI4Media Stakeholder consultation – “Towards Policy Recommendations in the field of AI and Media”

AI4Media is developing a set of policy recommendations to ensure that the European values of ethical and trustworthy AI are embedded in future AI deployments in the media sector. The project is organising a Stakeholder Consultation to collect the opinion of various stakeholders to relay their concerns and include their voices in what will be the initial policy recommendations.

13-17 June 2022

19th EurAI Advanced Course on AI (ACAI) and 2nd TAILOR summer school

19th EurAI Advanced Course on AI (ACAI) and 2nd TAILOR Summer School: “Explainable and Trustworthy AI”. International researchers teach advanced courses related to the state of the art in explainability in the different fields of AI, as well as the requirements to achieve a trustworthy AI, including transparency, diversity, robustness and privacy.

4-8 July 2022

PhD Course: Game-Theoretic Approach to Planning and Synthesis

20-hour, 1-week TAILOR/Sapienza/AIDA PhD course on “Game-Theoretic Approach to Planning and Synthesis”. Instructors were Giuseppe De Giacomo, Antonio Di Stasio, Giuseppe Perelli, Shufang Zhu (Sapienza University of Rome).

24 June 2022

VISION AI Open Day 2022 Round Table Recording

Moderated discussion between the AI expert, the student, the EC representative and the civil society artist and their interaction on “AI & Society”. Different views of people with a variety of backgrounds.

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