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VISION4AI Newsletter
| Feb 2023

ICT-48 News for the European AI Community

We are happy to support the activities of our European AI Community, especially the four ICT48 Networks of AI Excellence Centres.
This newsletter brings you condensed information from ICT-48 (and beyond) towards the broader European AI Community.

CLAIRE AQuA: ChatGPT and Large Language Models

8 March 2023 | 16:00-17:00 CET

Join the CLAIRE All Questions Answered (AQuA) Series under the auspices of VISION, TAILOR and AI4Media and ask top experts any question on ChatGPT and Large Language Models (LLMs).
Join and discuss live on the CLAIRE YouTube Channel.

The TAILOR Handbook of Trustworthy AI

The TAILOR Handbook of Trustworthy AI is an encyclopaedia of the major scientific and technical terms related to Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. It is intended as a starting point for anyone who need reliable and understandable information of key concepts related to Trustworthy AI.

VISION Brochure on Collaboration with (E)DIHs

VISION team published an overview of aspects of the collaboration between the Networks of AI Excellence Centres and (European) Digital Innovation Hubs – (E)DIHs in a clear form. Visit the VISION website or simply download the flyer.

Two New TDW Final Reports

Get new detailed reports that were developed under the leadership of the TAILOR Network and VISION organising teams as the results of the Theme Development Workshops on:

  • AI for Future Manufacturing
  • AI: Mitigating Bias & Disinformation

ELSA Open Call for Innovative Industry Projects

The best six SMEs/ Startups developing novel AI-based applications and services will be supported with up to 60,000 Euros.

Deadline for Applications: 31 May 2023, 13:00

Call for Collaborating with AI Experts Through Microprojects

Students, early career researchers, or senior scientists with a cool idea related to to empowering humans through AI are invited to work with top notch researchers and practioners in Europe.


Aligning AI research with media industry needs

AI4Media has brought together AI researchers and media companies in seven use cases aiming to demonstrate the use of Artificial Intelligence in the media industry, including aspects of human-centric, ethical, and trustworthy AI.

The white papers are part of AI4Media’s effort to align AI research with the industrial needs of media companies. They provide valuable insights from the media industry which are of great relevance for the research uptake by AI researchers and developers. The white papers also discuss how Trustworthy AI is perceived in the scope of each use case.

2nd ICT-48 Community Workshop: Towards a Shared European AI Map and Strategic Research Agenda

Representatives from VISION, TAILOR, HumanE-AI-Net, ELISE, AI4Media, ELSA, euROBIN, Adra-e and the European Commission spent a day discussing how to collaborate with each other, leverage on each other results and what a mapping the European AI ecosystem and a European AI Strategic Research Agenda could look like. Get the report HERE.

New Report on AI Topics Categorization
Read the outcome of the workshop on “A Roadmap for Trustworthy European AI” focusing the AI topics categorization including the feedback from the broader data & AI community (held at the EBDVF 2022 in Prague).

TAILOR Connectivity Fund

The TAILOR connectivity fund is open to all European AI young researchers, with a great idea to do excellent AI research and an invitation to spend time in another European lab. TAILOR supports both research visits and workshops. The focus lies on connecting TAILOR and non-TAILOR labs.

Deadlines any year:
15 March | 15 July | 15 November

ESSAI 2023 – European Summer School on Artificial Intelligence

24-28 July 2023

First European Summer School on Artificial Intelligence (ESSAI) and Twentieth Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence (ACAI). Organized jointly as Third TAILOR Summer School on Artificial Intelligence, under the auspices of EurAI.
Venue: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The 2nd International Conference on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence in Munich, Germany

>> Call for Posters, Demos, Workshops, and Doctoral Colloquium papers

26 – 30 June 2023

HHAI2023 is the second international conference focusing on the study of AI systems that cooperate synergistically, proactively and purposefully with humans, amplifying instead of replacing human intelligence.

Symposium on “Interaction with Technologies for Human Augmentation”

20 February 2023

1-day symposium organized by LMU Munich discussing the latest advancements and research trends in human augmentation by key researchers around the world.

Watch the recordings here!

Theme Development Workshop: AI for Future Energy & Sustainability

23 February 2023

The projects TAILOR, HumanE AI Net, VISION and CLAIRE AISBL are organising a series of joint Theme Development Workshops (TDW) to bring together key players from specific industry sectors with key AI researchers, as well as additional stakeholders.

Connect and Talk to the European AI Community on Mattermost

Mattermost communication platform is a result of the joint effort within the VISION project. The Mattermost installation has been established to provide an effective, moderated and functional communication tool for the facilitation of the cooperation, interactions and knowledge sharing between Europe’s AI networks of excellence (ICT48-NoEs), the AI research community, and other stakeholders across diverse areas of AI.

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