Research Agenda Vision4AI Published

Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) that provides an overview of the areas of research interest in the domains of AI, Data and Robotics (ADR).

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3rd Community Workshop – Summary Report

Read the summary report on the 3rd Community Workshop that was organised by VISION on 7 June 2023 in Siena, Italy. The event gathered 40 participants from AI4MEDIA, TAILOR, ELISE, HumanE-AI-Net as well as ELSA and euROBIN.

AI Act Reaction

Read about the result of the workshop held by HumanE-AI-Net and the EU AI community in May 2023 in the European Partliament as a response to the EU AI Act: “Beyond ChatGPT: How can Europe get ahead in generative AI”

AI Open Day 2023: Trustworthy AI

If you missed the 2nd editionof AI Open Day held on 1 June 2023, you can watch the recording of talks as well as roundtable discussion now and anytime here.

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